WHO’S WHO ? (Entertainment game show)


Game show format

Produced in 10 countries
Up to 78% market share
Available as a 30’ daily or 60’ weekly prime time format
Breaking ratings records in access and prime time
6 years in France
4 seasons in Denmark
5 seasons in Sweden

In each episode, 3 contestants meet 6 strangers : men and women of different ages, backgrounds, and physical appearance each with a unique job, hobby or talent. Their objective : find out who is who from the six occupations announced at the beginning of the game. In three rounds, contestants will question and test each of the six strangers, sometimes with the help of the audience. The contestants with the most total points wins and the truth is finally revealed.

Produced in 10 countries to date, WHO’S WHO? is a ratings winner with great interactive game play for audiences of all ages.


Game show format
Produced in 10 countries