OUR CRAZY FAMILY (Scripted comedy PICK’n MIX)


Scripted comedy PICK’n MIX format
Number of seasons : 5
Number of episodes : 170 X 26 minutes
6 X 52 minutes

+ 50% market share for the time slot
706 X 4’30 minutes which can be assembled into 26, 52 or even 13 minute episodes

Daily access prime time at 20:05 PM on M6

Meet OUR CRAZY FAMILY: the grand-parents Jacques and Brigitte, their two daughters, Roxanne, an over-achiever and mother of baby twin boys happily-married to Kader, and Marjorie, the insecure divorced mother of two teens Antoine and Chloe… This scripted sitcom format follows the lives of a modern multigenerational family and depicts with humor and tenderness, the hassles, conflicts and frustrations … but also the joys of family life.

As per the PICK’n Mix format recipe, each episode features a succession of “slice of life” comedy sketches exploring the richness and complexity of intergenerational relationships. The narrative mode of the series is short and all sketches are independent of each other, linked together by POV shots in which each character reflects, in a subjective way, on his or her relationship with other family members.

Sitcom Format