CRIME FAILS (Docu crime Pick’n MIX)


There’s nothing funnier than a crime gone wrong. Don’t believe us? Just consider the recent news story of a man who strolled into a discount gun store with a baseball bat, smashed a glass display case and tried to steal a firearm. Yes, he actually attempted to rob a gun shop with a baseball bat! What happened next? The manager pulled out a gun of his own, pointed it at the man and kept him in the crosshairs until the police arrived.

Hilarious, right? With that in mind, Crime Fails! is a scripted reality series, featuring the most comical of crime stories, including a deaf bank robber, a carjacker that couldn’t drive stick, criminals that used getaway donkeys and many, many more… These fails, inspired by real stories, are shot as humorous re-enactments and presented in a light-hearted manner by two faux detectives, all for your shameless amusement.

Distributed by KABO International / Produced by KABO Entertainment