COPS ON THE BLOCK (Scripted comedy PICK’n MIX)


Scripted comedy Pick’n Mix Format

210 episodes x 4 minutes

Cops On The Block (aka Commissariat Central) is a comedy that revolves around the hilarious antics of Captain Campanella and his motley crew of cops as they try to enforce law and order in their town.  When it comes to fulfilling their day-to-day duties, Campanella’s over-enthusiastic yet endearing team of recruits seem to lack experience often missing the mark resulting in hilarious outcomes. With characters that range from the female workaholic cop who dreams of meeting Prince Charming, the ‘Will Smith’ of the gang who spends so much time obsessing with American movies and series, he sometimes forgets his home town is not Los Angeles, and the mama’s boy who still lives at home and acts like a teenager – needless to say, there is never a dull day in this police headquarters!

Pick’n Mix

Sitcom Format