CASH OR SPLASH (Wacky game show format)


In each episode, 2 teams of 3 contestants each battle it out in 3 rounds. Their objective: to win as much CASH as possible while avoiding the notorious SPLASH! In each round, two players (one player from each team) go head-to-head testing their knowledge of popular culture, basic history and science. Each correct answer increases the cash winnings for the team, while each incorrect answer results in… SPLASH!, a great big stain all over the contestant. Syrup, shaving cream, cocoa powder, pies, fish soup, silly string… contestants never know what will hit them. At the end of the show, the team that has accumulated the most cash goes home with their winnings, while the losing team goes home with their… stains. The teams are comprised of contestants with a hobby or profession in common, with each episode featuring a different wacky combination such as Transvestites vs. Policemen, Grandmas vs. Playmates or Bikers vs. Ventriloquists.

20 X 26 minutes