BEST HOST EVER a.k.a. LE GRAND TRALALA (Prime time entertainment format)


The show starts with the arrival of a famous host on stage. Facing the cameras and studio audience, he or she has to host a prime time studio entertainment show without knowing what will happen.

The hosts have never seen the set and know absolutely nothing about what they are supposed to do. Over the course of the show, they will have to conduct interviews, introduce world famous performers and variety acts, and even host a game show segment, all the while trying to keep the show on track and maintain their cool and composure.

How is this possible? Unlike other prime time entertainment formats, in this format the crew is visible during the entire show as is the producer (someone close to the host) who guides the host step by step from the control booth.

This unique format is the ultimate variety show. Full of surprises and spontaneous reactions, it will infallibly elevate your favourite hosts to the status of best host ever and will leave your audience thoroughly entertained and on the edge of their seats.

Prime Time Entertainment Format

Available as a 60’ and 120’ Format

Produced in France and Spain

Format by R&G Productions

Distributed by KABO International